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A Big Set of Oracle Presentations from NYOUG

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On the web site of The New York Oracle Users Group (NYOUG) you can find some very interesting presentations from the recent NYOUG events:

June 2005
Things You “Know” - from Tom Kyte, Oracle Corporation

Resource Mapping: A Wait Time-Based Methodology for Database Performance Analysis – from Matt Larson, Confio Software
Presents the Resource Mapping Methodology and how it can be used for Wait-Event Analysis.

March 2005
Interpreting Execution Plans – from the OCM DBA in Oracle9i Tanel Põder,

December 2004
Backup and Recovery - A Completeness Check - from Michael S. Abbey, The Pythian Group
What must be the strategy for checking of your backups.

Oracle Real Application Clusters: Expert Advice on Using RAC – from Darron Clark, Oracle Corporation
Why should I choose Real Application Clusters?

If you want to understand why the RAC may be is not the best solution for you, take a look here: You Probably Don't Need RAC

New and Improved Methods for Administering Your Database - from Howard Horowitz, HGH
Good overview of some of the new features coming with Oracle 10g.

November 2004
Change Data Capture in Oracle 10g - from Jack Raitto, CDC Development Manager, Oracle Corporation
Sometimes you need to know what information has been changed in your database. It may be for reports or as a part of an elaborate ETL process. If the database wasn't designed with this in mind, you may have to develop a custom solution. This can be a costly and error-prone process including triggers and big inefficient queries. The alternative is to use Oracle's 9i feature - Change Data Capture (CDC). This is a nice solution and completely independent from the rest of the database design.

June 2004
Oracle 10g Feature: RMAN Incrementally Updated Backups - from Dave Anderson, SkillBuilders

Using 10046 trace data to resolve Oracle performance issues - A review of three case studies (Paper, Presentation) - from Jeff Holt and Gary Goodman, Hotsos Enterprises, Ltd.

Oracle 10g (OCP) Certification Preparation - from Howard Horowitz
The best information that I have ever found for 1Z0-040 exam, 91 pages full with examples, screenshots and helpful information for everyone who is planning to go for this exam.

The same document but with added notes inside the presentation: Oracle 10g (OCP) Certification Preparation

Another document from the same author: Oracle Certification Preparation (OCP) / Hidden Treasures

Some of the old ones:
V$Views: Don't Leave $Home Without Them - Michael Bell, BMC

ORA-3113's, 600's and 7445's Oh My! - Anita Bardeen, Oracle Corporation
Very helpful info (coming from Oracle employee) about three scary Oracle errors: ORA-3113 - "end-of-file on communication channel", ORA-600 and ORA-7445 - "exception encountered core dump"

Special: Oracle Support Answers Your Questions (Presentation, Paper) – Mike Fleck, Oracle Support
If you want to understand what are the common reasons for TAR requests and what are the roles and responsibilities inside the Oracle Support team.

For a full set of the NYOUG presentations: NYOUG Presentations
Note: Some of the links for the presentations are broken.


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  1. Blogger Tarry 
    Interesting collection, Rado!
  2. Blogger Radoslav Rusinov 
    Yes, there are so many other sites of local Oracle User Groups that are full with a lot of valuable information. If I find another reach and interesting collection, I will put it on my blog as well.

  3. Blogger 
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