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Luca Canali and ASM Metadata Internals

In a recent technical paper Luca Canali explains how to find the mapping between physical storage, ASM allocation units, and database files by querying the undocumented X$ tables.
By using the information retrieved from X$KFFXP table he succeeded to:
  • Retrieve a file directly from ASM disks
  • Monitor how the extents in a datafile are allocated across ASM disks
  • Monitor how a datafile is spread across ASM disks due rebalancing operations
Here you can find the full version of the document: A peek Inside Oracle ASM Metadata

Luca Canali is working in the IT Department of CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research Geneva, Switzerland.
Under HAandPerf section of the PSS Group you can find more very interesting white papers and presentations authored by Luca. Links to some of them:
Luca Canali is the author of SQLPython - a command line tool written in python that emulates Oracle's SQL*Plus basic functionalities.

Another interesting link with lot of technical information:

DBA Area of the Physics Database Services Support Group


Christo Kutrovsky's Blog

If you’ve missed to notice – Christo Kutrovsky started his own professional blog dedicated mainly to the Oracle database.
Christo Kutrovsky is an Bulgarian Oracle professional currently working in Canada as a Senior Database/System Administrator for The Pythian Group.
His blog is a part of the corporate blog of The Pythian Group.
The blog is only two-months old but already has several very good and detailed technical posts:
  • Traceless DB Time Diagnosis -
    Discusses a method of how to find where the database is spending its time for a specific process/operation without using of sql_trace.
  • Quantifying Commit Time -
    Discusses how new 10g commit parameters "batch" and "nowait" can affect performance and how they can be used for measuring of the average commit time.
  • ASM multi-disk performance -
    Very interesting post about how different disk configurations using ASM can affect performance of the I/O operations. This post has already been mentioned by Doug Burns in his blog post Blog Round-Up.
  • Oracle 10g R2 RAC - vip on wrong interface -
    Discusses how to change used network interface for VIPs or private interconnect interface in a 10g RAC environment.
I can recommend it to everyone interested in Oracle, and it is well worth watching in the future.

The blog is still not included in the two most popular Oracle Aggregators: OraBlogs and OraNA :: Oracle News Aggregator but I hope this will change soon.


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