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If you’ve missed to notice – Christo Kutrovsky started his own professional blog dedicated mainly to the Oracle database.
Christo Kutrovsky is an Bulgarian Oracle professional currently working in Canada as a Senior Database/System Administrator for The Pythian Group.
His blog is a part of the corporate blog of The Pythian Group.
The blog is only two-months old but already has several very good and detailed technical posts:
  • Traceless DB Time Diagnosis -
    Discusses a method of how to find where the database is spending its time for a specific process/operation without using of sql_trace.
  • Quantifying Commit Time -
    Discusses how new 10g commit parameters "batch" and "nowait" can affect performance and how they can be used for measuring of the average commit time.
  • ASM multi-disk performance -
    Very interesting post about how different disk configurations using ASM can affect performance of the I/O operations. This post has already been mentioned by Doug Burns in his blog post Blog Round-Up.
  • Oracle 10g R2 RAC - vip on wrong interface -
    Discusses how to change used network interface for VIPs or private interconnect interface in a 10g RAC environment.
I can recommend it to everyone interested in Oracle, and it is well worth watching in the future.

The blog is still not included in the two most popular Oracle Aggregators: OraBlogs and OraNA :: Oracle News Aggregator but I hope this will change soon.


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